Specialist counselling for women with present or past experiences of domestic or family violence

WoSSCA is able to provide free family and domestic violence counselling that is inclusive and safe for all women with a present or past experience of family or domestic violence.

The counsellor works together, alongside women affected by violence, to reduce the impact and ongoing effects of violence and support them to move forward in their lives by providing: 

  • Short/medium term counselling 

  • A safe environment to discuss experiences and impacts of abuse

  • Support to identify and work towards ways of living that are important to the person

  • An opportunity to focus on stories that highlights a person's strength and resilience

At WoSSCA we:

  • Believe a person who comes to counselling is the expert in their own life (not the counsellor)

  • Do not define the person by the violence they have experienced 

  • Can work with the effects of trauma, without referring to specific traumatic events themselves (meaning you don't have to talk about anything you don't want to)

  • Believe that everyone has the right to live free from violence

Our counsellor values diversity and is committed to inclusive practice. They are flexible and can adapt their practice according to individual need. They have experience supporting women who are from refugee and migrant backgrounds, are Aboriginal, have a disability or who identify as LGBTIQ+ (Including people who identify as non-binary or gender non conforming).

I would like an appointment, what do i need to do?

Taking the step to talk to someone about domestic violence is courageous decision and it is often difficult to make. When your ready to make that step, we want to make it easy for you as possible. If we aren't the best service to meet your needs, we can assist with referrals to more suitable services. 

If you have a current caseworker at WoSSCA please ask them to support you with a referral to counselling or call 8953 7648.

If you don't have a current caseworker and would like to make a referral for yourself then please call: 8953 7648 or email: ws@wossca.org.au

Please be sure to let us know if it is safe to leave a message or send a text when we return your call. 

Agency referrals: Please call: 8953 7648 or email ws@wossca.org.au

to discuss any potential referrals.

There is no cost for this service.

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