When women come to us at the shelter, they have left their home under distressing circumstances and often don’t have all of their personal belongings with them. We try to have a good supply of items on hand to provide for them, but we rely on donations from the community to meet the unique needs of a diverse group of women and children.



We receive large amounts of clothing donations which we are grateful for and we respectfully ask you to donate clothes that are of good quality. Given the circumstances, the women have specific needs, so clothing should be clean, practical and modest. They are in a vulnerable position so simple pants, tops and skirts are best.  


As is the case with any donation, items should be clean, without stains or holes and respectable. Our support always aims to provide them with what they need, but also to respect the dignity of the women in our care.


Other Essential Items

Because of the high volume of people that come through the shelter, items such as bed linen, blankets and towels are always useful. As are shoes, socks, and beauty and hygiene products. Donated items are often sorted by volunteers so we appreciate it if items are in good condition, clean, folded and ready to be used. 


Things for the Children

Women who seek shelter with us often have their children with them. We try to create as normal a routine and experience as possible for the children, so welcome donations of kids clothing, toys and books, as well as art and craft or school supplies. You can call us  to find out if the items you have to donate are appropriate.   


Girl Time
DONATE through PAYPAL (Coming Soon)

Financial Support

We attract a range of financial donations and have found the most useful to be those that are intended for a specific purpose. For example, $500 for art and craft supplies or $1,000 to fund the installation of a vegetable garden.   


We are currently exploring a range of donation options – from getting certain employed positions sponsored, to promoting and drumming up interest for online funding campaigns. In the future we hope to have a monthly direct debit donation option as well as sponsorship opportunities for the right partner and project.


If you would like to talk to us about financial donations or sponsorship please contact us.




In the meantime, you can make cash donations here by bank transfer or deposit. Our details are below:

All donations to the Women's Safety Services of Central Australia are tax deductible.

You can contribute directly via our Bendigo Bank account:

Women's Safety Services of Central Australia

Bendigo Bank

BSB 633 – 000

ACCOUNT 160 650 065

Or by cheque:

cheques payable to Women's Safety Services of Central Australia

& send to

PO Box 3219

Alice Springs 0870