If you are at risk or injured right now, please call 000 immediately.

If you are unsafe and need shelter and protection, please call us on

08 89526075, or come to us at the shelter and we can help you.


Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia (previously Alice Springs Women’s Shelter) is a safe place for you and your children.


If you feel unsafe or at risk, you can come to us. If you are unsure, you can come and talk to us.


There are staff available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can sit with you if you need to talk, about your safety and options if you need immediate shelter and protection. 


Domestic violence can be in the form of physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, social, spiritual or financial abuse. Nobody has the right to be violent towards you. Not husbands, partners, ex-husbands or ex-partners, friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends or strangers. Nobody.  


There are ways we can help now and in the future. The services we provide are: 

  • We provide support services for all women in Central Australia, who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence.


  • There are also a number of other local organisations and government agencies who can help you. Here's where to find help in Central Australia. 

  • We help women in Alice Springs, as well as across borders. Our services reach women in communities across the tri-state region of Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.



Along with immediate shelter, we provide case management, risk assessment and safety planning. We can also refer you to another service in town, for further support if needed. Click here for more information on our shelter


Our Outreach Program consists of two teams - Urban Outreach and Remote Outreach. Both teams can give you support, to help you be safe at home, or wherever you are staying. The urban teams support all women in Alice Springs, while the remote teams visit Yuendumu, Papunya, Anmatjere (Ti Tree) and Ntaria (Hermannsburg). Click these links for more information on our Urban Outreach and Remote Outreach teams.

Court Support

Our court support case worker can help you with things like giving evidence in court about times when violence happened; helping you make an application to the court for a Domestic Violence Order (DVO); explaining the court processes to you; attending legal services appointments and court with you. Click here for more information on our Court Support services.

Partner Support

The Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program delivers the Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP), to educate and support men who use violent and abusive behaviours towards others in their family. While engaged in this 24-week program, their female partners may need support. Our specialised family violence worker is the contact point for partners and ex-partners of men engaged in the MBCP, and will provide support, advice and information for you and other women to help you make choices around your own safety, wellbeing and rights. Click here for more information on our partner support services.