$6 million dollars and 2 years later …

The Northern Territory government made a firm commitment back in 2017 to keep Territorians safe through the $33 million Keeping Families Safe budget. The boost in funding was to provide improved services and facilities, and address the ongoing impact and cost that domestic and family violence has on the community.

At the time, the Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield, stated, “the Northern Territory has the highest rates of domestic and family violence in Australia, and that comes at an enormous social and economic cost. This budget will address both infrastructure and policy issues, to ensure we have the necessary foundations to firstly reduce the rates of domestic and family violence, but also to provide victims with essential support.”

We were thrilled to be included as a recipient of $6 million of that funding for replacement of our shelter, enabling women to establish independence and recover from trauma. Over the past two years we have been busy putting that funding to work and will soon see our new facility completed and ready to move into. Our new crisis accommodation is well into construction thanks to the Asbuild team and we look forward to being able to move into the building in July.