Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia provide specialist training around domestic and family violence, for local health and community service providers.

We are strong advocates for community engagement, also offering community education and training to local school and community groups, on issues around domestic and family violence.

If you’d like to provide education and training to your staff about domestic and family violence, we provide tailored training sessions within your organisation and customised to your needs.

We are regularly involved in specialised training, in collaboration with other local service providers, such as the Family Safety Framework Training with the Northern Territory Police.

We are happy to engage with you on what your training needs might be. Our intention is to create customisable solutions that educate, inform and equip everyone in the community to recognise and respond to domestic and family violence.

Our staff regularly get involved in local community events, and our CEO speaks regularly at industry specific conferences and networking events. If you would like us to lend our voices to your event please do not hesitate to get in touch.


For more information on our training, please contact our Community Development and Training Officer at or phone the Outreach Program office on (08) 8953 7648.