We are a community organisation, and as such, volunteers are a big part of our ongoing successful operation. We provide support to women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence and there are a huge range of things that volunteers can do to help us.


Our Outreach Teams go into the community to help women and we offer support over the phone when women contact us for advice, information or help. Other times, when women come to us, it is in an emergency situation as their safety was at immediate risk. Women who come to us for shelter and support may stay for a few hours or a few weeks.


When women come to us, their needs are many and varied. They may not have come with any clothes or personal items, they may not know what will happen to them next. Often, they will have children with them and may be distressed or deeply traumatised. Volunteers can help in many ways to help us to make the women and their children feel more comfortable and supported.  


Administration, Maintenance and Day to Day Tasks

People who volunteer with us have a range of skills. They may volunteer their time to help us with administration, or project management around things such as the NDIS. They may provide hands on assistance, such as sorting out clothing donations, filing, fixing equipment, putting together furniture, making beds, gardening, reading to the children, or assisting with cooking and cleaning up.

We are excited to be welcoming volunteers into the Dignity Space in our new premises. This is a space where women can relax, have a cup of tea and a chat to someone and feel free to just be there, without judgement or worry. In this space, volunteers could be sorting clothing donations, making cups of tea and tidying up, or just sitting with women to keep them company.


If you think you have skills to help with these or similar tasks, please feel free to contact us for a chat.


Creative Skills and Therapeutic Activities

People with creative talents can also volunteer their time to teach artistic or craft skills to the women staying at the shelter. Skills such as weaving, knitting and painting are relaxing and help women to take their mind off their worries.

Our new building, (opened in 2019) has a fantastic purpose-built kitchen, so in addition to volunteering artistic skills, we also welcome people who would like to come and cook or bake with the women and children, or teach them how to cook something fun like pizza or cupcakes.


Having a focus on learning and creating can be very therapeutic for women who have experienced trauma and often helps to improve their self-esteem and confidence as their skills develop.



Professional Skills

We are always interested in talking to skilled professionals who would like to donate their time to us in some way, to support or assist the women with specific things they might need. High end professional skills such as legal or financial advice are always needed, as much as fundamental personal care services such as haircuts or manicures. If you have language skills or are a teacher, women with English as their second language might benefit from lessons, or even conversation in their native tongue. If you have a professional skill that you think might be of interest to us and would like to offer your skills and time, we’d love to hear from you.


Volunteers for Fundraising Events

Women’s Safety Services of Central Australia receives funding from various sources, however from time to time we have specific things about our facilities we’d like to improve, that require some more creative budgeting. Fundraising events are a great way for us to raise money for certain things as they not only help us to set and achieve goals as a team, but we get the chance to have the community involved in that too.

Volunteers who would like to coordinate fundraising activities such as a sausage sizzle, a garage sale, or something else imaginative, are welcome to contact us with their ideas. Examples of things we might raise money for include additional children’s play equipment, more storage solutions for the shelter, cooking equipment, art and craft supplies or gardening projects and materials.

Please contact us if you have a fundraising idea in mind that you would like to arrange for our benefit.


Note: All volunteers must have an Ochre Card and have had a police check.